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Steve Ceaton has been in web marketing and SEO for 10+ years. This website is to help those just getting started.


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SEO Services & Consultancy

Over 10 years experience ranking websites on Google, including some of the most competitive niches out there.


What Can I Offer?

  • Over 10 Years Experience.
  • Incredible Keyword Research Skills.
  • Top Class SEO Content Writing.
  • Access To Thousands Of Private Links.
  • Formidable Technical SEO Skills.
  • Up To The Minute Knowledge On Avoiding Penalties.
  • Outreach Skills For Building Relationships.
  • 100% Transparency.
  • Hourly Fees (Pay as you play).
  • Long Term ‘Ethical’ Strategies.
  • Personal 1 to 1 Commitment.
  • PPC and Organic SEO.
  • Landing Page/Conversion Rate Optimisation.

How much does it cost to be number one on Google?

Definition: SEO, abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation. The process of getting a website on top of a Google search.

I’ve heard this question more times than you can shake a stick at, and unfortunately there’s no straight forward answer. The only comparison on how much it costs to be number one on Google is via ‘Pay Per Click’ Adwords.  This can be worked out with some budget and a bit of tinkering.

number 1 on Google

Google have an estimated ‘cost per click’ which could be anywhere between 5p and £50, and the only way to find out exactly how much it costs (to be number one) is to keep upping the bid on your advert until it reaches the top position. For mildly competitive keywords this could be around £5 per click. For mildly competitive keywords you can expect to get around 50 clicks per day. That’s £250 per day, or around £7500 per month.

(I’ve had clients spending over £20,000 per month on Adwords.)

So when customers ask me how much it costs to be number one on Google via the organic listings, I used to say a minimum of £500 per month, and it could take up to a year to get there.

(For people just starting out their jaws hit the floor at this point.)

But this is actually ridiculously cheap when compared to Adwords. In fact, it’s a drop in the ocean. The only problem with organic SEO is there are no guarantees. The reason for this is simple:

Google hates SEO.

Why does Google hate SEO? If I can get you to number one on Google for £500 per month, why would you spend £7500 per month to get one or two places above in the Adwords position?

Google understands this very well and have been carrying out systematic attacks on the SEO community since at least 2012. They’ve introduced new algorithm changes that will punish websites actively seeking links via SEO.

If Google thinks you’re using an SEO company, they can ban/demote your website.

Does this mean SEO is dead? No it doesn’t. But it has pushed the price beyond what most small businesses can afford. Because there are so many algorithm factors to work around, the practise of SEO takes longer than it used to. We used to buy a bunch of links, or write a bunch of articles and we could get a website ranking quite quickly. But now there’s a real risk of getting banned by Google, we have to be selective and careful where we get links from. This takes time and money.

It’s for this reason I’ve moved away from running SEO companies. I used to have an SEO company that was number one on Google for the term ‘SEO Company’, and I had around 30 clients per month. This site got hit along with thousands of others when Google began their attack on the SEO community in 2012.

If you keep an eye on the websites ranking for ‘SEO’ you’ll see they change every few months.

SEO is a dangerous business and if you hire the wrong company you could find your website banned by Google before too long. This can be devastating for your domain, your brand and your business. I’ve had domains banned by Google, and trust me, it’s not nice.

So, how can I help?

I know the SEO business inside out. I’ve changed my business model from a minimum monthly fee to an hourly rate. I can act as a consultant, or a hands-on SEO for your website, as and when you need me. If you want me to check over your site to see if it’s ‘SEO friendly’, then I can do this, usually within an hour. If you want me to make changes to your pages, I can do this too. If you want me to devise a strategy, carry out some research or build links for your website, I can do all this on an hourly rate.

SEO is a complicated business and there are many fundamentals you need to get right before you can even consider being number one on Google. It all starts with your website and building the best possible point of contact for your customers.

If you have a great website, with regular, useful content, you will be rewarded.

But don’t go blindly into the fray. You need a strategy, and strategies need research.

  • Keyword research.
  • Customer research.
  • Tailored content.

You need to carry out research on what your potential customers are searching for online, and tailor your content towards their requirements. Social media plays a huge role in how you strategise your website. Find out what people want to know about the service you provide. Write helpful content that informs your potential customers about the services/products you provide. Work with them and they’ll appreciate it more than you know.

When you’ve done this, and your website is a Mecca for your expertise, then you need other websites, preferably in your industry, to link to your website. Backlinks from other websites are the fuel that drives your website up the Google rankings. Genuine links from websites that direct visitors to your page because there is something helpful there, will make your website more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

But of course, they need to find your website in the first place. And this is where strategic link building, out-reach, social media activity and general online know-how comes in. It can take years to build up a network of contacts and the experience to know where to get the ball rolling. Fortunately this is where I can help.

I can do all of this on a flat hourly rate.

I can tick all the boxes you require to improve your position on Google, increase traffic and ultimately sales via your website. I’ve been doing SEO for almost 10 years and know pretty much all there is to know about it. It’s a constantly changing business, but the fundamentals remain the same.

I can advise on content strategy, and even write the content for you. I can think outside of the box and work with you to be a big player in your industry. I used to have a minimum charge of £500 per month and have had clients paying over £2000 per month. But for 2015 I’ve scaled down my business and practise a much shrewder and forward thinking hourly SEO service. If I haven’t got enough hours in the week, I’ll say. This way you won’t be paying more than you can afford, and I won’t be responsible for a team of staff. It’s the perfect way of doing SEO in the modern climate, and you can hire me on a ‘pay as you play‘ basis.

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