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Steve Ceaton has been in web marketing and SEO for 10+ years. This website is to help those just getting started.


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Contact Me

If you need a website, SEO or copywriting, or you would like to speak to with me about anything at all, drop me a message below. Thanks!

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Mobile: 07890 348 099
Landline: 0207 859 4615
Freephone: 0800 678 5143

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My Company:

Lite Blue Inc Ltd
88 Ifield Road
West Sussex
RH11 7BQ

Company No: 8503835
VAT No: 164028523

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Short Copy

Short copy is for small adverts, where space is at a premium. Adwords is a great example of this and you would be amazed the difference good copy can have on sales. If you are running an Adwords campaign then you must pay close attention to the copy of your advert. Drop me a line if you want me to help.

Copywriting Expert?


I don’t claim to be an expert at copywriting. If I was I’d probably be working for Nike or Guinness and earning thousands of pounds per week.

That doesn’t mean to say I haven’t got talent. I love the written word, and I love learning. I’ve been studying copywriting for a few years now and found it a useful tool in online marketing. I’m happy to pass on my skills at an hourly rate, at a level you would be hard pushed to find anywhere.